17 August 2012 @ 9AM


AMH welcomes Haunted Survivor Steven LaChance

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 Steven is a Writer, Broadcaster, Speaker, Producer, and Director.

Steven LaChance has been a featured guest on several radio stations across the US, the UK, Canada, Asia, and parts of South Africa. Steven is not a stranger to television interviews either and has had many interviews published in newspapers and magazines across the US.

In October of 2006, "Fear House" premiered as the first show of the third season on the Discovery Channels, A Haunting. This show featured Steven and the story of the Union Haunting and went onto be rated one of the more popular episodes of that series. In addition, he has been interviewed and filmed for inclusion in numerous  paranormal documentaries. He also has begun directing his own projects with the release of The Morse Mill Project. He is currently working on a new exciting film project called, Monstrum, which is now in pre-production. He is also in the process of writing screenplays for other notable projects. 

Steven is also a published author. In 2008, The Uninvited was released by Llewellyn Worldwide as a major project. The book received critical acclaim finding its way onto many "best of" lists. The Uninvited was also released in a French version in 2010. Steven was also included in the books Weird Hauntings and Weird Missouri. His book Crazy hit the scene in the fall of 2010 with great reviews and also found its way onto "best of" lists for that year.

He has been a featured guest on Fox News' Mike & Juliet Show, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, the Discovery Channel, plus many more including his starring appearance in the Booth Brothers documentaries Children of the Grave. and The Possessed. Steven has also completed a documentary for the Fifth Season DVD release of Warner Home Videos Supernatural., the popular television series about two brothers that hunt demons. 

His interview skills are sharp and he has interviewed people such as Geraldo Rivera, Anne Rice, Jay Barbree, and Mary Jane Popp, just to name a few. His stage credits as a stage actor are numerous. Stevens voice over talents are many, including Wendy's and Shoney's commercials. Steven has many media projects in process and numerous others in the planning stages. 
Steven LaChance info pic copy.jpgSteven is currently writing his next book a sequel to The Uninvited and a screenplay for his book Crazy. The book is titled, "Blessed Are The Wicked."

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