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“Don’t turn around! Is that effing ghost still back there? She’s SO annoying, and smells funny”

ThumbDrive.jpg“When I asked for a thumb drive, I didn’t necessarily mean…” (Justin Poulsen)

TheSmurfingDead.jpgThe Smurfing Dead

PperiodicTableOfHorror.jpgShe blinded me with science.

PsychoPredator.jpgQuantum Leap episode goes terribly wrong. (Pixel Faker)

grave-encounters.jpgI was wandering around the graveyard and ran into an old classmate, who was, frankly, a bit worse for wear.

AMansHomeIsHisCastle.jpgA man’s home is his castle.

LochNessCumberbatch.jpgIt’s the Loch Ness Cumberbatch

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