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Alone with the universe in Malibu (Shreenivasan Manievannan)

eclipse_total_espanek_10-27-2004-e1358526755212.jpgNext Blood Moon (total lunar eclipse) to stare down with crimson ferocity on April 5. (Fred Espenak)

640.jpgPink moon in danger of bursting over the Acropolis.

eclipse-solar-3-20-2015-35000-feet-Bristol-Eric-Recurt-e1427307781968.jpgSolar eclipse at 35,000 feet. (Eric Recurt)

NorthernLightsAlaska.jpgBeam me up, Alaska. (Alexis Coram)

venus-moon-3-22-2015-Anthony-Lynch-Photography-Dublin-Ireland-e1427074186277.jpgWhen reaching for the moon is not a metaphor. (Anthony Lynch)

CAuNcnjWsAA_0D7.jpg“Excuse me while I implode” (galaxy Henize 2-10)

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