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Two of the paranormal field’s biggest names made an appearance in Ohio this past week at the Kent Paranormal Weekend. The two day event was full of different talks and presentations and attended by multitudes of paranormal enthusiasts.

America’s Most Haunted‘s Eric Olsen started off the weekend with a lively talk and a musical interpretation entitled “Those Musical Spirits.” After his presentation, he performed a medley of “spooky tunes”
After Olsen, event host and psychic medium Laura Lyn shared her knowledge of spirit communication and how to develop one’s ability. Known as an angel reader, Lyn’s compassion for helping both the living and the dead was evident in her presentation.
After Laura Lyn, we were treated to an amazing presentation by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The theater was packed with guests, some who drove hundreds of miles to hear her speak! The topic was problem hauntings and how to identify causes, effects, and remedies.
Her decades of expertise in this area provided guests with both first hand and theoretical solutions to the darker side of the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, dark entities, and even the mysterious djinn – Guiley knows them all!
An unusual feature of the event was the luncheon withGeorge Noory held at a local Mediterranean restaurant. The Haunted Housewives were honored to share a meal with Angel Reader Laura Lyn, Podcaster Extraordinaire Jim Harold, and the amazing Rosemary Ellen Guiley!
We shared stories, experiences, and opinions on all thing paranormal. It was a wonderful way to get to know one of my idols on a personal level.
Guest of honor George Noory sat at a table with Coast to Coast AM’s executive producer Tom Danheiser. Noory welcomed all who approached. He shook hands and happily posed for pictures. It was a great way for people to get up close and personal with this paranormal living legend!
When the festivities at the stage commenced, EctoVision Paranormal took their turn in the spotlight. They screened a film they made about the hauntings and history of the Kent Stage. This would be the first of two films the team presented.
One of my very favorite speakers of the day was Sherri Brake, author, investigator, tour guide, and owner of Haunted Heartland Tours. After years of knowing Brake by reputation only, I finally got to meet her in person. Many of the places Brake spoke about are featured in our book, America’s Most Haunted: Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places.
But the hoards of attendees came to see and hear Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory and the First Lady of the Paranormal Rosemary Ellen Guiley.
The two are staples in the field with decades of experiences and a huge following. They recently worked together on a book, Talking to the Dead.
The Haunted Housewives were part of the panel discussion moderated by Noory. What an honor to be included in such amazing company! We sat once again with Laura Lyn and Rosemary Ellen Guiley as Noory fired comments and questions at us from the podium.
The audience was as excited as we were! Whoops and cheers welcomed Noory who opened his presentation with a couple of unexpected jokes! I had no idea he was so funny! Although a serious world class professional when on air, Noory apparently has another, lighter side to him!
He spoke for a bit before fielding questions to the panel. We four fearless females each had our own strong opinions, personal experiences, and topics to tackle. The combination of our energies was powerful. I was extremely humbled to share the stage with such an elite group of people!
Following the panel discussion, Noory, Guiley, and the rest of us welcomed guests on stage for a meet-and-greet. We signed autographs, chatted with fans, and posed for pictures. This was truly one of the highlights of my professional career!
Day one wrapped up with a progressive ghost hunt lead by EctoVision Paranormal and the TRI-C Ghost Hunters. There were two different locations including the Kent Stage itself! While most of the crowd was at location one, a handful of us stayed behind to investigate the stage.
And boy am I glad we did!
Crazy activity was happening below stage and in the green room, but that’s a story for another day.
Day two of the Kent Paranormal Weekend started withMunroe Falls Paranormal Society. They presented a thought provoking discussion on the hard and soft science of the paranormal field
Tri-C Ghost Hunters followed with a lively Q & A session. The audience fired off question after question about all things paranormal.
EctoVision Paranormal returned to the stage to show their incredible film about the Mansfield Reformatory, a place very near and dear to our hearts.
Day two’s break meant it was time for the Ghost Walk in downtown Kent. Two session were lead by Richele Carlton, co-owner of the Kent Stage.
After the ghost walk, our good friend Ray Goosby of Dark Alley Paranormal Northeast Ohio presented on preservation and the paranormal – keeping history alive.
Nellie Kampmann followed with her talk on the importance of historical research when investigating the paranormal.
A surprise addition to the line-up was podcaster Jim Haroldwho had an amazing presentation on why smart people believe in ghosts!
The grande finale of the two day event was the unusual presentation by the Haunted Housewives. We tweeked ourCare and Feeding of Ghosts: Recipe for a Happy Afterlife talk which included taking a stab at the ghost hunter stereotype.
We recruited Ray Goosby of Dark Alley to be our Exhibit A – the typical paranormal investigator. Poor Ray had no idea what we were up to, but he did a fantastic job going with the flow!
We half expected things to be thrown at us from the audience. We poked fun at the paranormal field and pointed out some of its absurdities.
Our biggest target was those who claim to use the scientific method while investigating. We also illustrated why educating yourself by watching ghost hunting reality shows is probably not the best approach.
Everyone was a good sport about it and most understood we were trying to make a point using humor and sarcasm.
Over all, the Kent Paranormal Weekend was an incredible success! Some of the best minds in the field converged on a small Ohio town to share their unique ideas, unusual experiences, and incredible ideas. The Haunted Housewives and America’s Most Haunted were thrilled to be a part of it!
Next year promises to be even better!

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