There’s a beautiful mini oasis tucked away in an unexpected corner of Richmond Hts., Ohio. The historic property was once a thriving homestead, complete with a working farm, majestic grounds, and a beautiful manor house. This wasGreenwood Farm, the home of George and Maude Phypers and their family.

The Phypers purchased the seventeen acre property in 1908. It was ideally situated next to the Euclid creek which offered a gorgeous natural element to their home. To the six Phypers children, the farm must have been a paradise. The family thrived at Greenwood, as did the city that was blossoming around them.
The Phypers were well versed in both academics and agriculture. George and Maude made sure the children received a first rate education. They respected nature, did chores, learned the day-to-day running of the farm, while still placing a strong emphasis on their studies. It was a happy, well-rounded life for the family.
The last of the Phypers left Greenwood in 2002. June, the eldest of the six, was nearly 100 years old when she passed away. Her brother, Thurlow, was also still living the caretaker’s cottage until  2000. Ruth, the baby of the family, remained in the manor home until just a few years ago, before her peaceful death in a care facility.
The family left  impressions so deep on the Greenwood property that decades of time cannot erase them. These happy memories have manifested into one of the most interesting haunted locations I have ever investigated. No tragic death, no mysterious murders, no dark history to stain the Phypers name. It is not a typical haunted hotspot.
Yet Greenwood Farm is still one of the most paranormally active places in the state of Ohio.
Now owned by the city of Richmond Hts., the farm is in danger of succumbing to the rolling tide of progress. The city would like to tear down the three remaining structures on the property and utilize it for urban development. The Haunted Housewives are on a mission to save Greenwood Farm from this terrible fate.
Over the last few years we have hosted numerous ghost hunting/fundraising events on the property with the proceeds going to help the preservation and renovation of Greenwood Farm. Our next event is Friday, May 8, 2015.
This small group guided ghost hunt is an excellent opportunity to explore the massive property which includes the beautiful manor house, the iconic green barn, and the eerie caretakers cottage tucked away in the back of the property. The long spring day will allow guests to see the property in all its glory before the sun sets and the ghost hunting begins.
Past events have provided guests with a plethora of paranormal experiences, including numerous EVPs, shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps, and doors opening and closing on their own. We have never left Greenwood Farm disappointed. We feel the spirits of the Phypers are happy to interact with us and eager to aid in the preservation of their beloved home.
Join the Haunted Housewives on Friday, May 8th for our semi-annual Spring Para-Ex at greenwood Farm. Tickets are available for purchase on the Haunted Housewives website. 100% of the money collected goes directly to the Greenwood Farm Association.
The Haunted Housewives are proud to lend a hand and help preserve the property and the memories of the Phypers family. It promises to be a thrilling night of ghost hunting and haunted history.

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