On tonight’s ripping and slashing episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — this and every Thursday from 9-11pE — with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen, we chat about the exciting return of The X-Files to television, and horror film and TV history with expert and renowned author John Kenneth Muir. In the 9p hour we review the paranormal news and banter amiably before welcoming Mr. Muir at 10. Listen to the show live right here and the recorded podcast anytime thereafter!

After Hours AM America's Most Haunted radioJust in time for the series return on January 24, John Kenneth Muir’s new book is The X-Files FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About Global Conspiracy, Aliens, Lazarus Species, and Monsters of the Week, which is one of the longest subtitles in recent history, but at least you know what you’re getting!

John Kenneth MuirMuir delves into Chris Carter’s classic ’90s sci-fi/horror/conspiracy TV series, which aired on Fox for nine seasons and inspired spin-offs, including feature films, TV shows, toys, novels, and comic books. The book explores the series in terms of its historical context and analyzes how many of the episodes addressed events of the time: the Clinton era. The X-Files FAQ also tallies the episodes that are based on true stories, selects iconic moments from the almost decade-long run, and organizes the series by subject matter: from serial killers to aliens, from prehistoric menaces to ethnic and religious-based horrors, and of course, dark governmental perfidy.

The book recalls the TV antecedents (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) and descendants (Fringe) of The X-Files, examines the two feature films, and investigates Chris Carter’s other creations, including Millennium, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm, and The After. Featuring numerous stills and the show’s most prominent writers and directors, The X-Files FAQ allows readers to relive the “Mytharc” conspiracy and the unforgettable monsters of the week – from the Fluke Man to the Peacocks.

John Kenneth Muir is the author of 25 reference books, in the field of horror alone his titles include Horror Films of the 1970s, Horror Films of the 1980s, Horror Films of the 1990s, Horror Films FAQ, Wes Craven: The Art of Horror, The Films of John Carpenter, Eaten Alive at a Chainsaw Massacre: The Films of Tobe Hooper and his award winning encyclopedia of horror TV from 1970 – 1999 entitled Terror Television. The man is a machine – in a good way.

John’s blog, Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV, was selected as one of the Internet’s “100 top Film Study” sites in 2010. In 2009, John appeared in the documentary Nightmares in Red, White and Blue with John Carpenter and Joe Dante. Muir is also a communications and journalism teacher at South Piedmont Community College.

The X-Files FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Global Conspiracy, Aliens, Lazarus Species, and Monsters of the Week (FAQ Series)

by John Kenneth Muir [Applause Theatre & Cinema Books]
Rank/Rating: 1196333/-
Price: $17.24

The Films of John Carpenter

by John Kenneth Muir [McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers]
Rank/Rating: 1421648/-
Price: $29.95

Horror Films of the 1970s (2 volume set)

by John Kenneth Muir [McFarland]
Rank/Rating: 951789/-
Price: $49.95

Horror Films of the 1990s

by John Kenneth Muir [McFarland]
Rank/Rating: 813409/-
Price: $45.98

by - [-]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: -

by - [-]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: -

Terror Television: American Series, 1970-1999

by John Kenneth Muir [McFarland]
Rank/Rating: 2762134/-
Price: $44.95

Wes Craven: The Art of Horror

by John Kenneth Muir [McFarland]
Rank/Rating: 3058393/-
Price: $25.00

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film

by Andrew Monument [Kino Lorber films]
Rank/Rating: 106807/-
Price: $11.99

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