Tonight on a bewitching episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen, we talk witchcraft with genuine Wicca/Asatru priestess, medium, Tarot reader, Laura Jones, aka Lady Owl. Opening the show at 9pE, Joel and Eric will delve into the wild and woolly world of paranormal news from the America’s Most Haunted Twitter feed and AMH site.

After Hours AM America's Most Haunted radio

Then, at 10pE, we will be joined by Laura Jones. Twenty-five years ago, after feeling left dry by mainstream paths of faith, Laura came upon the path of Paganism through Wicca and has never looked back. Wicca and Paganism are life-affirming paths that are greatly misunderstood. Wanting to right these misunderstandings, she educated herself in comparative religious studies at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and became the High Priestess of two covens of Wicca, and an ordained Pagan minister.

Working with several alliance groups, she has led holy day rituals and given workshops on diverse Pagan subjects ranging from basic Wicca 101 to the dangers of fanaticism in Paganism. Currently, she works in the tradition of Asatru and provides services such has passage of life rituals, mentoring, Tarot reading, and spellcasting consultation (i.e. witchcraft) for the solitary Pagan community through Raven’s Cupboard of Ancient Witchery in beautiful downtown Virginia, Minnesota.

Laura Jones Raven's Cupboard

Listen to the show live right here for two big giveaways from Raven’s Cupboard! Giveaway one is a copy of The Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients; giveaway two is a $30.00 gift certificate to Raven’s Cupboard of Ancient Witchery (gift certificate is open to Minnesota listeners only). Tune in live right on this page, or on the go at TuneIn

Laura’s motto is: “I am a miracle made up of particles. In this existence I’ll stay persistent. I’ll make a difference and I will have lived it.”

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