After Hours AM America's Most Haunted radioTonight on a fascinating and profound edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — Thursdays 9-11pE with co-hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we speak with activist, speaker, media figure Andrea Perron, oldest daughter of the real-life family featured in The Conjuring film; and author of the House of Darkness House of Light trilogy, which chronicles the family’s astonishing interaction with the paranormal over the course of a decade.

Roger and Carolyn Perron purchased a Colonial-era farmhouse in Harrisville, R.I., the old Arnold Estate, in 1970. They spent the next ten years discovering that good and evil engage in a perpetual state of war in a place where time is suspended. It is a window to the past and future alike. Death is not the end, and may, in fact, be only the beginning. The Perron family waited more than thirty years to tell the truth about what happened in their home. They required time to process what occurred and the world had to be ready to receive the message. As Carolyn explains: “This is not the kind of thing one should rightfully take to the grave.” It demands courage and an open mind but, by all accounts, the world IS ready for “House of Darkness House of Light”.

Andrea Perron The farmhouse

In House of Darkness House of Light trilogy, Andrea Perron chronicles the childhood she shared with the dead and living alike in the wildly haunted Rhode Island farmhouse. A collective memoir, the books detail the encounters experienced by every member of her family. Seven mere mortals spent a decade among the vast expanse of possibilities that exist beyond the five senses, while trying to employ the sixth for clarity. It proved to be an intriguing, horrifying and enlightening endeavor as each family member witnessed manifestations of the afterlife. Their family finally left the farm behind in 1980, but it will never leave them.

“House of Darkness House of Light” is no ordinary ghost story. It poses far more questions than it answers and compels the reader to ponder some uncomfortable concepts, including certain knowledge that there is something beyond mortal existence. Andrea describes their old home place in the country as a portal cleverly disguised as a farmhouse. Theirs is essentially a cosmic love story with a wicked supernatural twist. It isn’t what people expect, certainly not just a series of scary stories. Anyone unprepared for its darkest corners should choose less dense reading material, according to the author. This true story functions as “interactive literature” for many who report being deeply impacted by it. Though it was not written to be a terrifying tale, it has had that effect on some readers, an unintended consequence. Instead, it is meant to be assimilated, absorbed slowly and deliberately; read as a lengthy lamentation or spiritual meditation, taking the reader on a decade-long excursion through the darkness into the Light of higher consciousness, imbuing participants with a heightened level of awareness in the process. No one leaves its pages unmoved by the experience, as was the family who initially had these exceedingly close encounters with spirit.

Andrea Perron Perron family

Andrea received a B.A. in English and Philosophy from Chatham College. The farm had been sold in her absence. Two weeks later they moved to Georgia where she resided for seven years before returning to Rhode Island, her home in heart. Since that time she has owned two businesses and spent nearly a decade as a counselor before abandoning her career with the sole intention of telling this story, writing the books she believes she was destined to write. She moved south again to be among family while drafting the manuscript, living quietly for seven years with her mother and sister Christine in rural Georgia. Having recently relocated to Florida, Andrea is a human rights advocate, an animal rights activist and an outspoken member of the global community.

Andrea is currently focusing her attention and energy on several projects, including a joint venture with her para-partner, George R. Lopez. In A Flicker is a novel they co-authored, published in October of 2015. It is receiving rave reviews from around the world. She co-hosts a weekly radio broadcast with him on the network he founded, Dead Air Paranormal Radio. Their show, A World Awakening” addresses myriad topics and issues, cosmic concepts critical to spiritual evolution in an ongoing exploration of the collective consciousness. She is collaborating with a screenwriter to bring the trilogy to the silver screen and is currently working with her producer on a documentary. In recent years, her research has taken her deeply into a lifelong love of Ufology. She has lectured at Starworks Symposiums on the subject of “Metamorphosis” and does a presentation with George Lopez regarding “The Merging of Science and Spirituality,” appearing at various conferences around the country. She can also be found on Facebook (the “official” home of the paranormal) on her personal page or at “A World Awakening” and “House of Darkness House of Light,” the “In a Flicker” fan page and her own fan page, the “Buttercup Brigade.” On Twitter @bathsheba1680 and on the website  The adventure continues….

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