New Nazca Lines Found – More Proof Pointing to Prehistoric Aviation? Scientific community still ignoring the obvious

They leave us with calendar and social cults as explanations, while revealing something mysterious in the soil along several lines. We are left to wonder what methods and tools the indigenous peoples used to chip away at the mountaintop. What was their motive for the hard work, and where is the excavation material? And the same science that delivers the eternal calendar conclusion cannot tell us why lines were created that are entirely unrelated to the calendar. In Nazca Palpa, academic archaeology always turned a blind eye when it came to the gods. Involving gods in their model simply does not fit with their ideological thinking. Or flying crafts that once actually existed and have nothing to do with their religious-psychological dream models. We are not spirits that merely nod and assent if the offered answers are unsatisfactory. We keep researching and the drill continues.