25 years ago the American author Budd Hopkins presented the results of a long-term study in which several other U.S. scientists assisted. [1]. Hopkins claimed some people had been abducted by aliens and even carried extraterrestrial implants. The scientific response to Hopkins revelations was uniform. Abducted by aliens? All nonsense.

Multiple publications on the same subject emerged in the following years. [2, 3]. Public opinion remained unchanged. In the German-speaking world, we received the spotless documented work of Dr. Johannes Fiebag regarding abducted people. [4] There was no significant societal reaction. Next, Dr. John E. Mack followed with the stunning title: “Abductions.” [5] One could not ignore Dr. Mack. He was not only a Professor of psychiatry and medicine at the most prestigious university in America, Harvard University in Boston, but also a coveted American Pulitzer Prize winner. John Mack’s response to his scientific colleagues and all the skeptics of the world was devastating: yes, this was the result of his research. The abductees are not lying, sperm samples were taken from several men, artificial insemination occurred, and the occurrences were not wishful thinking of the victims. Obviously, the Harvard scholar admits, “We are participants in a universe that is teeming with intelligent life forms, from which we have cut ourselves off.” [5]

I personally knew John Mack quite well. We were speakers at the same conferences and privately discussed many issues. Mack was disappointed with the reactions among the public and particularly in scientific journals. He said abductions of people by UFOs were too crazy to believe, they strained our reason. Scientists and journalists, who generally don’t believe in UFOs, were also unconvinced by the facts. The brain denied – displaced – the uncomfortable truths. The skeptics know the usual arguments against UFOs and, with the certainty of a sleepwalker, that there are no UFOs – it cannot be. The indoctrinating shield is perfect, the brain blockade is total. And people who, after all, can believe in UFO kidnappings are considered utterly absurd. They see no reason for such behavior by UFO crews, if they exist at all.

alien abduction implant

On page 42 of his book (American Edition), Dr. Mack mentions several tiny implants with a kind of glassy fibrous coating. [5] Although the curious items were analyzed chemically and physically, you could do anything with it. We do not know the function of the implants. The scientific analyses of the small items revealed nothing about the implants’ internal characteristics. At a restaurant in Istanbul, Dr. Mack told me that it seemed similar to how we mark or tag the earlobe of a wild bear with a ring. Other animals while seeing this ring, marvel at and sniff it, but not know what it is. You need to come to terms with the existence of the ring and are no smarter than before.

What happens now? Are we actually just some kind of giant zoo’s inhabitants, being watched by guards? This idea was developed by Dr. James Deardorff and is called the Zoo Hypothesis. [6] The more I discover, the more irrational our behavior seems.

zoo hypothesis

Both YouTube and Google circulate UFO films en masse. Some of the fake ones are obvious – others are simply real and sensational. As are those in which scientists, veteran politicians, and high-ranking ex-military officers stand before the camera to personally confess that they lied to the public when they were still in service. The top space experts add to this by explaining their changes of mind in the latest spotless documented UFO literature. Like Monsieur Yves Sillard, the former General Director of the French space agency CNES (similar to NASA in the U.S.). In 1998, Mr. Sillard was NATO’s Secretary General of Science and the Environment. Truly, no lightweight.

Today, he admits: “The objective reality of undefined air phenomena, better known as UFOs, can no longer be doubted…the climate of distrust and misinformation, not to mention the ridicule surrounding report collection, reveals a surprising form of intellectual blindness.” [7] Or Major-General Denis Letty, a former fighter pilot and later Chief of French air defense: “The UFO phenomenon is real and not a figment of imagination… sometimes totally unknown and noiseless objects enter our air space and exhibit properties that our technical resources on earth cannot imitate. And these objects appear steered by a kind of intelligence.”

ufo and jetsIn one online film, a former U.S. Air Force Colonel, Robert Salas, confesses that he served as an officer on Echo Flight sites at an Air Force base in Malmstrom, Montana (USA). Echo Flight sites were very unique – they were the launching point for intercontinental nuclear missiles. On March 16, 1967, a red object appeared near the base and every nuclear warhead went from on-alert status to off. Every indicator light in the base turned red, one by one. All this occurred, despite every missile silo being half a kilometer away from the next and each site had an independent power source. Now Colonel Salas has confirmed the close encounter of 1967 on-camera and reveals that everyone on base was ordered to speak to no one about the incident.fife-symington-arizona-governor-02

One man, Mr. John Fife Symington III, who served as the Governor of Arizona (USA) from 1991-1997, tells an even more dramatic tale. On March 13, 1997 (not so long ago!), he and many others observed a huge delta-shaped UFO near Phoenix, Arizona that moved silently and slowly above their heads toward Squaw Peak Mountain. Governor Symington exclaimed, “As a pilot and former Air Force officer, I can say with certainty that human hands have built nothing remotely similar to that object.” Despite the clear indicators and hundreds of witnesses throughout Arizona, the governor lied to the public for months prior – and with brazen language and local media support. Why? Today he admits on-camera that he wanted to dampen nascent hysteria.

Similar UFO confessions have been viewed worldwide millions of times. The scientific community seems entirely disinterested. Then there is the 100-part series, Ancient Aliens, on the U.S. History Channel with an additional audience of millions. This show has been running since the end of 2010 in many countries, and the History Channel has confirmed that Ancient Aliens was the most successful TV series they have ever produced. Does this change anything? Finally, there are about 200 million books on the subject of extraterrestrial visitors in the past and present times. Plus, hundreds of millions of magazine pages that report extraterrestrial sightings around the world. These have triggered a resounding chorus: is this an actual phenomenal controversy in reputable print media? Are these TV programs factual?

Recently, a group of scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CFA) announced that roughly 4.5 billion Earth-like planets exist in our galaxy alone. Until then, many believed that the chance to discover any Earth-like planets – not too hot but not too cold – was minimal. Astrophysicist Dr. Courtney Dressing, Director of the CFA team, said at a press conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts: “We have always thought that we would have to scour vast distances before finding an Earth-like planet. Now, we realize that another Earth is probably already in our cosmic neighborhood, waiting to be discovered.” [8] Those who want the truth now know. We are not alone in our universe. Aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago and they are watching us today. But the official scientific establishment does not want to know. What is wrong with our society? Are we becoming that lazy? Or engorged with information? Is the human race blind to both history and reality?

Journalists typically pounce on sensations when they can be proven. This is both sensational and provable. Why have no big magazines reported on it? Why are no television news outlet debates taking place? On television, day in and day out, more absurd things than aliens are discussed. But the extraterrestrial issue, whether in the past or today, is excluded from the media.


Despite varying contradictions in the abductees’ tales that Dr. Mack investigated 20 years ago, all agree on one point. [5] The extraterrestrials made them understand that our science has developed a twisted causality principle. It has hampered what we classify as ordinary citizen’s logic. The picture that scholars give us is sometimes totally wrong. That does not surprise me. One merely has to recall religious sciences or the nonsense that human-produced carbon dioxide is to blame for climate change. As if climates have not been changing continuously for millennia, without car exhaust or factory gasses or our planet’s eight billion inhabitants.

Yes yes! The “Establishment” is to blame. This society is organized into hierarchies. It’s the very top layer of the hierarchy that does not allow us to explore the extra-terrestrial issue. They see themselves as guardians of reason. For them, any extraterrestrial intelligence is unreasonable. Their ego – screaming, “We are the greatest!” – cannot tolerate extraterrestrials. UFOs harm their fragile brains. Alien visitors from past millennia are their anathema. Why? They believe we super humans emerged from a long evolutionary process, how could we have heavenly teachers? Give me the penitent’s cloth! Out into the rains of ridicule!


All religions, new and old, proclaim the return of their divine teachers. [9] Even if it is not exactly on December 21, 2012 as the Maya thought.

The intellectual elite, the top scientists, the editors-in-chief, they all know that we have long been observed by aliens, that there is very real documentation on UFOs, and that our blue planet has been visited at least once in the distant past by extraterrestrials. Then why the silence? It is a lack of moral courage that does not allow anyone to publicly admit to previous errors, even in the face of new findings. Psychological studies call this behavior “displacement.”

Their alpha animal minds must enforce their own rationality. Although they speak of the freedom of the press, it only applies to their limited reason.

Dear God, forgive them not, for they know very well what they do.

Very warmly yours,

Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken Legacy Night, October 15, 2016

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