After Hours AM America's Most Haunted radioWe head Down Under to talk with Aussie paranormal investigation educator Beth Luscombe of Access Paranormal on After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio, Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen. We’ll bone up on investigation tools and techniques with BEth in the 10pE hour; at 9pE, Joel and Eric will scan the week’s hot paranormal news for tasty and tantalizing tales.

Access Paranormal

Beth Luscombe is a lively and passionate Australian paranormal investigator, speaker, researcher, event coordinator, and paranormal journalist, and producer of the Access ParaCast.. Her ambition is to provide relevant and actionable educational information for paranormal investigators around the globe through online learning. Beth has been investigating the paranormal for almost ten years, both as a member of a paranormal team and as an independent investigator. In that time she has figured out how to get started, what you need to know, and the best tools and resources.

Beth’s passion for the paranormal stems to as far back as she can remember. Premonitions and objects seemingly moving on their own fascinated her. In 2007 she decided to move to the UK to work and travel for two years. She loved it, finding the paranormal field to be much larger and more established there. She began to seriously investigate with paranormal groups based in London, notably the London Paranormal Society. She investigated London Dungeons, Middleton Hall, Winston Churchill War Rooms, London Tombs, Eastbury Manor, Valentines Manor, and, one of the most active she has come across, the Ragged School Museum.

When Beth arrived back to Australia in 2009 she was… well… really disappointed. There was NOWHERE you could investigate in a public location like she had in the UK, nor could she find any information about Australian paranormal events. Luckily, with interest growing, the paranormal field has grown in Australia. So, she thought, “Yeah, I need to create something… a website… somewhere so others can find this information because I can’t be the only one. Right?” And that is why Access Paranormal was started. Since then she has investigated additional locations around the world such as Prospect Place, Waverley Hills Sanatorium, and The Queen Mary. Beth is also a fully qualified first aider, mental health first aider, she holds training and development qualifications, and is currently a student of the School of Parapsychology.

Access Paranormal The Science FiveGetting started with Access Paranormal investigator tools:

Confirmation Bias

Are you really not letting your beliefs about the afterlife affect how you investigate the paranormal? Knowing that we need to be as “neutral” as possible. Confirmation Bias is the most common issue investigators deal with. So how would you know this is happening to you? In this module we cover this and how to be more aware of when it happens to others.

High EMF

Paranoid and uneasy. High levels of EMF can make a person feel like they are having some sort of paranormal experience, when they’re not. EMF is often found in our environment and in this module we look at ways to detect it and also how to fix the issue.

Ideomotor Effect

So many things can feel automatic. Sometimes we can move and not even know we have! Our subconscious mind is an amazing thing but it can also cause issues when we are investigating the paranormal. In this module we look at one aspect of this which is called the Ideomoter Effect, which has also been known to help explain how Ouija boards work.


Not all memories are easy to remember. Yep. Sometimes we can store a memory from a long time ago and not realise it. So would this explain how some people can have an ability to be psychic? Find out why this topic could be a real problem with paranormal investigating and what to do about it.


Humans are unable to hear infrasound since it’s below our level of hearing. But just because we can’t hear it, doesn’t mean we can’t still feel it. Infrasound can be caused naturally so could this be why some people feel fear in a location and not know why? In this module we learn this and also ways you can alleviate Infrasound in any paranormal investigation.

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