The saga of the sad, angry, hairless creature found on a farm in Ratcliffe, Texas has apparently come to an abrupt end with the little guy being put to sleep.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-03-at-11.43.11-AM.pngWhen Jackie Stock and her husband Bubba corralled the thing and local TV station KAVU did a story on it, word spread faster than a speeding Malaysian airliner that the elusive mythical chupacabra — the demonic canine goat-sucker — had finally been captured alive.

Despite the creature’s rather fearsome demeanor and imposing teeth and claws, based upon its diminutive size, suspicious use of its “hands” just like a raccoon, and its overall body shape, cooler heads suggested it was a raccoon with a vicious case of mange rather than anything more exotic – and so it was.

article-0-1CC59AF200000578-374_634x348.jpgLess than a week after its almost somewhat remarkable discovery, “Chupie” has been euthanized. After receiving a number of messages from alarmed animal lovers, Stock took the suffering animal to the local shelter and “it went to sleep very peacefully.”

Chupie will be missed, it is alleged.


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