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Emma Roberts Bisected Half Body Model.jpg

Sadly, Emma Roberts has been reduced to half-body modeling after being bisected in last week’s American Horror Story Freak Show episode.

Penguins Antarctica.jpgSpheniscidae execute amphibious assault.

Goth Model Loaded Finger.jpg“Watch out! Her finger is loaded”

Constipated Frankenstein.jpgUnfortunately, when planning his monster, Dr, Frankenstein didn’t account for constipation.

minas-tirith.jpgSeriously considering moving here – do you think it’s too much? (credit – William O’Connor)

Witch Kitten.jpgMade for each other. (credit – Peter de Seve)

Exterminator.jpg“Fear not – I will lead the bugs out of your house”

Titanic Exorcist.jpg“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.”

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