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Sharknado 3 filming now at Universal Orlando Resort, extras cast include “bikini girls, soldiers, park patrons” and “some running and screaming may be involved.” The third film in epic saga of flying and falling sharks will debut on Syfy in July.

st500a_392669140.jpgBellister-Castle_3192559b.jpgNorthumberland’s Bellister Castle, haunted by Grey Man minstrel ghost, for rent by the week or long-term.

tokyo-dense-fog-5.jpgEerie fog sweeps over Tokyo – keep an eye out for ghost pirates and/or Godzilla.

FlyingAswang.jpgLocals observe woman transform in asweang and fly away in Philippines.

ufo.jpgShould humans beam messages to alien planets in hope of reaching intelligent beings, or shut the hell up?Cosmologists debate.

adult-wednesday-addams.jpgAdult Wednesday Addams not to be trifled with – new web series from Melissa Hunter!


Diary of Wisconsin teen Slenderman stabber very disturbing and brutal.

afp000839178.jpgSkeleton of man who died 8,000 years ago, “Brunstad Man,” oldest ever found in Norway.

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