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Tonight at 9pE, hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen welcome Amy Allan, astonishing psychic medium and co-star of Travel Channel’s THE DEAD FILES, to After Hours AM!

In season seven of THE DEAD FILES, which launched last Saturday at 10pE/P, former NYC homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and psychic medium Amy Allan head back out onto the road to help frightened and beleaguered homeowners as they uncover the histories and mysteries buried within an all-new set of allegedly haunted locations.

dead-files-amy-allan-steve-dischiavi-falconer-new-york-007.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960.jpgKeeping with their unique and wildly successful formula, DiSchiavi and Allan investigate each case independently of one another to preserve the integrity of their individual findings. As a physical medium, Allan sees and communicates with the dead, uncovering layers of paranormal activity and often identifying individual spirits attached to the location.

Harnessing his detective skills, DiSchiavi researches each case in a more traditional manner, interrogating witnesses, local experts and historians, and perusing records to piece together a location’s history, however dark or buried it may be. They avoid all contact with each other until the end of each case, when they reveal their shocking discoveries to the homeowner in each episode’s intense conclusion.

dead-files-amy-allan-steve-dischiavi-falconer-new-york-002.jpg.rend.tccom.1280.960.jpgDrawing upon her experiences with the paranormal, Allan then provides much-needed advice to each client in an effort to help them reclaim a sense of normalcy within their lives.

After launching season seven last Saturday with an excursion to Montego Bay, Jamaica, the pair will range through New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Illinois in the coming weeks in their ongoing effort to help to homeowners with paranormal problems.

Paranormal researcher and physical medium Amy Allan uses her abilities to communicate with the dead, often assuming their roles and reliving their deaths. Amy’s interest in paranormal phenomena began at age 4, when she says she was tormented by “shadow people” in her Arvada, CO, home. Since then, she’s been on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the unexplained.

Allan’s amazing abilities have been studied and tested by leading parapsychologists and have been borne out over the six previous seasons of THE DEAD FILES. She has worked with private investigators and police agencies and has conducted more than 350 investigations in both private homes and businesses. Amy studied psychology at the University of Arizona and was mentored by world-renowned parapsychologist William Roll.

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