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As a so-called “professional” ghost hunter, I am very disappointed in myself. Apparently, I missed national Paranormal Day! May 3rd is the day set aside to celebrate, honor, and acknowledge all things paranormal. I had no idea there was such a thing!

After my initial shock and sadness for losing out on the opportunity to cram my love for the paranormal down everyone’s face by celebrating Paranormal Day, I thought to myself, “What other weird calendar days am I missing?”
Turns out there’s quite a few! Here are some of the most interesting:
January 7th – Old Rock Day. Not to be confused with Feb 11th, which is Get Out Your Guitar Day. This is old rock as in geological rocks, not the classic Rock-n-Roll music. It’s a great day to go fossil hunting, get outside and build a rock garden, or maybe dust off the old pet rock.
February 10th – Extraterrestrial Culture Day. Even E.T. has his own special day. Rumor has it that the folks in Roswell, New Mexico are petitioning to have this recognized as a national holiday.
March 29th – Smoke and Mirrors Day. Celebrate this special day by dusting off the old top hat and magic wand and performing a few tricks for the family. Admit it, you went through a Magician phase too.
April 3rd – Fish Fingers and Custard Day. All you Doctor Who fans love this unusual day. Make that midnight snack an ode to Matt Smith. The BBC sponsored a wold-wide event on this day back in 2012 where fans of the pop culture phenomenon posted videos of themselves enjoying this delicious treat.
June 13th – World Doll Day. Although some may find this a pleasant and enjoyable day for little children, I think of dolls as the evil soul-sucking devil spawns that they really are. I can’t help but think of the super creepy and all too real Annabelle doll, locked away at the Warren Occult Museum. Dolls creep me out.
July 27th – Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day. I understand that houseplants could probably do with a little fresh air and sunshine, but taking them for a walk? That’s about as easy as herding cats. Speaking of cats…
August 17th – Black Cat Appreciation Day. These familiars get their own day to help erase the bad luck stigma they’ve had for centuries. Truth is black cats aren’t evil or witches in feline form, they simply just don’t give a crap. Their indifference toward their human counterparts has given them a less than stellar reputation.
September 27 – Ancestor Appreciation Day. Beyond Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even Grandparent’s Day – take the time to remember your roots from generations past. Research your family tree, dig into the old archives. You might be surprised at what you find.
October 9th – Curious Events Day. Take the time to investigate the most profound mysteries of the world. Is there some question that’s been nagging you forever? It’s time to check it out. Look into urban legends, read up on the latest conspiracy theories, bust some myths, go look for Bigfoot – whatever tickles your fancy. Today you have permission to question everything!
November 23rd – International Aura Awareness Day. What color is your aura? What dose it say about you? If you are not familiar with the aura phenomenon then this is the day to educate yourself on the subject. Auras are described as halo-like colored lights that emanate or surround a persons body. An aura reading can be a fascinating event, so find yourself a skilled reader and give it a try.
 December 8th – Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day. Oh what fun you can have on this day! But you must commit to it 100%. Go beyond cosplay and dressing up, play the part like you mean it! Embrace the attitude, the wardrobe, and all the little nuances you’d have if you were from a different time. How would you react to today’s modern world if you magically dropped in from the 18th century?
These are but a sampling of weird and wonderful days of celebration. There’s something for every taste and style. It’s a fun way to look at the calendar and it just might make the monotonous work week go by a little faster. Do a little research and see if there’s a special day that you’d like to celebrate this year. It’s a great excuse to throw a party!
By the way, today is National Odometer Day so celebrate that fun little fact any way you please. Maybe you just need to be grateful that you have a car that actually runs.

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