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The Haunted Housewives made an appearance on the legendary Paranormal Podcast this week. Creator and podcaster extraordinaire Jim Harold hosts one of the worlds most popular and longest running paranormal programs. He began his empire in 2005, forging a path in the media that many have since followed.


Jim Harold’s shows have been heard in several different countries around the world and has been download over 16 million times. That is quite an accomplishment!

I’ve made a few solo appearances on some of the many shows on the Jim Harold network. He has the originalParanormal Podcast, the very popular Campfire, theParanormal Report, and an exclusive Paranormal Plus Club that features free webinars and additional content to subscribers. I did a three part ghost hunting webinar for the Plus Club a couple years ago.
Jim Harold has achieved something very few in this business have. He has a complete network of shows in the paranormal genre and recently branched out into the pop culture world with his new project TV You Grew Up With. It’s a delightful walk down memory lane for the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.
The Haunted Housewives are proud to call Jim Harold a colleague and a friend. In 2011, Jim expanded into the world of the written word with his first book Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories. He soon followed with two more Campfire books, all reaching the number one spot on Amazon for Kindle books in the supernatural genre.
He shared his talents at the November 2014 Para-Ex at the Lake County History Center, joined us at the Kent Paranormal Weekend last April. Jim will be featured along side Chip Coffey, Dustin Pari, John Tenney, and us at the upcoming Paranormal Supercon in Erie, PA. this July hosted by Live Paranormal.
Listen to the podcast and find out what the Haunted Housewives are up to next and why Jim Harold deserves the success he’s achieved.

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