Now’s the bittersweet time when overtly Halloweenish decorations all come down (autumnal items get a reprieve until Thanksgiving), and we think about all those Halloween movies, TV specials, books, and the like that we ran out of time for this year. Ah well, it’s only 364 days until Halloween 2016!

Before the decorations all come down, here’s a look at some of what we did inside the house this year. My wife is absolutely opposed to the “corny, cheesy or gory,” so there’s that.

The image above is the fireplace area in the main family room. It’s a pumpkiny theme with a lot of little orange and purple lights.

Below is the display shelf above the front door where we have our miniature Halloween village, mostly from the Lemax Spooky Town collection. It’s fun to add an item or two each year, and we do the same for Chrustmas. Sorry the image isn’t clearer but the spotlighting washes everything out.


Here’s a closer view of the central building, a haunted schoolhouse.


Facing the front door, this is on the left, more pumpkins and skull and orange lighting.


This is the main rear window by the kitchen table – trick-or-treat and whatnot.


Facing the fireplace, this is to the left, a tribute to the Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos (though everyone in the pictures is thankfully still alive!).


This is a setting in the hallway looking between family room and front door. The figures are all handmade originals from our friends at Chagrin Valley Antiques.




There are various additional settings around the house, especially the guest bathroom, but we were getting discouraged by how crappy the pictures were coming out and said screw it. We also do a modest scenario outside the front door, but our house is on a main road with no sidewalk and we get exactly zero trick-or-treaters, so we mostly focus on the inside.

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