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Join us for a dark and stormy night of intense paranormal activity with paranormal investigator, demonologist and author of The Ghost in the Coal Cellar Andrea Mesich on this episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio, Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen. Andrea will join the show in the 10pE hour. In the 9pE hour, Joel and Eric will rummage through the week’s smoking hot paranormal news, and Kirsten Klang will read your real ghost stories! You can listen to the live show and the recorded podcast right here.

A young family’s rocking chair sways under the force of an unseen presence. Gutted by fire, an abandoned schoolhouse teems with restless spirits. Phantom lights chase the terrified motorists deep in a national forest. Lone paranormal investigator Andrea Mesich regales readers with four fascinating and creepy tales of the paranormal from Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in The Ghost in the Coal Cellar.

Andrea Mesich

Not just ghost stories, explore the history behind each haunted location, learn how to conduct an investigation, how various gadgets work, and much more. Discover the life-changing paranormal experience that turned Andrea from a skeptic to an investigator in 2004. Follow her path from fear to curiosity and gain insight into everything she’s learned about the world’s paranormal mysteries.

Andrea Mesich, hailing from Ironwood, MI, studies the paranormal, practices new techniques, tests different theories, and researches history, trying to discover why paranormal events happen and what can we learn from them. She has also been a demonologist for the last two years, traveling the country helping clients and religious officials with  tough cases of the paranormal and demonic.

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