The Lineup’s legendary podcast is back after a hiatus with new hosts, America’s Most Haunted’s Eric Olsen and resident forensic psychologist, Dr. Clarissa Cole! In each new bi-weekly episode we will dissect a strange new case—from haunted locations to true crimes throughout history and have a ripping good time doing so.

Bobby Mackey's railroad tracks

For the first episode, we investigate Bobby Mackey’s Music World. This haunted Wilder, Kentucky honky tonk has a little something for everyone—classic country music, cold beer and hard liquor, cowboys and cowgirls, ghosts and demons, perhaps even a portal to Hell. Join us as we peer into the dark and bloody history of Bobby Mackey’s.


Eric Olsen is a leading journalist in the field of paranormal investigation. As the creator of America’s Most Haunted, he has investigated the dark history of numerous supernatural locations, from to the decks of the RMS Queen Mary to the corridors of Waverly Hills. He is the co-author of America’s Most Haunted: The Secrets of Famous Paranormal Places and co-host of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio Program.

Clarissa Cole is a doctor of forensic psychology from the state of California and creator of The Criminal Code. She has over a decade of experience with criminals of all stripes, from sex offenders, to gang members and serial killers. Her goal is to understand the criminal mind in an effort not only to fathom why criminals do what they do, but also to create change by offering help to those who society deems to be beyond assistance.

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