After Hours AM America's Most Haunted radioOn a shocking a revealing episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we expose the behavior and origins of THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS with author and former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza. John will join us in the 10pE hour; in the 9pE hour, Joel and Eric will get frisky with the week’s hot paranormal news and whatnot. Listen to the show live and in recorded podcast form, right here!

John DeSouza believes Extra-Dimensionality is the key to understanding everything… By everything, we mean all the areas in which we have been deceived to believe the physical world is the beginning and end of all things. THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS is the stark revelation of where Alien Visitors are actually coming from and to where they are returning. Understanding Extra-Dimensionality is the way to unfold the truth of the paranormal, the spiritual and even the physical world.

According to author DeSouza, these Visitors have been with us since time immemorial and their messages to us are everywhere around us. The truth will eventually explode into our field of vision. If we refuse to listen then we are only delaying the inevitable to a time when an alarm will be sounded that is so loud that it will consume everything upon the Earth.

Once the black swans arrive, once we awaken to numerous mile long shadows cast by these ancient ships—hanging over our major cities, soundless, motionless, maddening; it will be too late. It is in these final moments that we can still, with open minds and clear hearts, decipher that which has been intentionally hidden from humanity for so long—the truth of Extra-Dimensionality. That comprehension will, in turn, illuminate every hidden truth of our material existence. Then, we will find that for the first time, we will finally have the key to understanding everything.

Strong stuff!

JOHN DESOUZA trained as an attorney and was an FBI Special Agent investigator with a Top Secret security clearance for over 20 years. He was a collector of the real life “X-Files.” This background infused him with an ability to decipher mysteries that are beyond conventional abilities. The truth of the paranormal revealed itself to the author through his own supernatural experiences and those of innumerable others across many professional fields. John is today releasing these true stories and helping to change our understanding of reality. John serves as author and chief editor of The Age of Mass Awakening (TAMA) Books and lives in the Southwest. His titles include THE EXTRA-DIMENSIONALS, THE PARA-INVESTIGATORS, and coming soon, THE CLEAR-HEARERS and CHRIST-BASED TRANSCENDENCE.

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