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On a groundbreaking and sensational edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we journey to Peru to examine the infamous mysterious three-fingered mummy bodies with paranormal legends Stephen Mera and Barry Fitzgerald. Steve and Barry join us at 10pE; at 9pE Joel and Eric reveal the week’s hottest paranormal news.

Steve Mera writes to us of his experiences:

For many years there have been countless claims of amazing discoveries, from fairy-like small winged beings, to coastal discoveries of strange washed up creatures, to small mummified alien-looking beings. All have turned out to be hoaxes or cases of mistaken identity. However the recent discoveries of the three fingered beings in Peru has been somewhat challenging…

Peruvian mummy head

Before the images of the large body, known as “Maria” exploded across the internet this summer, we first lay sight on her back in April when we received photographs of her in hope of helping with identification. After a careful examination of the photographs, we decided that we would have to become physically involved if we were to find any answers. On July 5th of this year we headed out to Peru via Manchester Airport.

We arrived in Cusco and were immediately met by painfully thin air due to its altitude of 11,000 feet. This was something that was to develop into altitude sickness: a daily dose of lightheadedness, gasping to catch your breath, and early morning vomiting. This was going to be the most challenging investigation we had ever taken.

We first met with Thierry Jamin of the Inkari Institute in Cusco where he revealed quite a fascinating story. We were told that the discoverers of these bodies had simply delivered them to the institute and dumped them on the counter asking them to identify these bodies. Not only did they feel an obligation to try to find out what these things were, but were driven by absolute fascination. They had heard of ancient stories of three fingered beings from the ancestors of the Inca’s and had even come across numerous references and petroglyphs showing drawings of these beings, but never did they ever think they might come face-to-face with one..

Three fingered hand

We learned that dealing with these discoverers was a tricky business. They were secretive, dangerous even, and attempting to gain monetary value for such discoveries, apparently selling such things on the black market. At this time, we had no idea we were about to be thrown head first into a world of deceit, covert meetings, and a possible discrediting campaigns.

We were told that the bodies were discovered in a tomb in Nazca. Inside were two Sacofocuses, one of which contained around 20 small bodies, all of which around two feet in length, some missing their heads which were later found throughout the interconnecting tunnels. There was even claims of discoverers seeing live entities fleeing down tunnels on arrival. As for Maria and a smaller one that looks to represent a child that has been named ‘Wawita’, they were both found partially buried in the ground that seemed to consist of diatomaceous earth.

In the early hours of July 7th we received a phone call, presumably from the discoverers allowing us to have access to the bodies for a full examination and review of scans and X-rays. This came in the form of being collected by someone from the hotel. We were not allowed to film the driver, nor identify the vehicle and location we were going. It was highly secret due to the Peruvian government on the hunt for the bodies and those who found them. We had heard that there had been several police raids in an attempt to locate these discoveries.

he trip took almost an hour, up and out of Cusco into the mountains. It was becoming harder and harder to breathe as we climbed, the car itself was also struggling for air as the engine spluttered several times. The roads became unnamed dirt paths. Though we managed to get a little footage, we were eventually instructed to turn all cameras off. Ten minutes later we had arrived at a building, a number of scary looking people stood around watching as wild dogs scrapped among themselves outside.

After a considerable amount of negotiations, we convinced them the importance of documenting our visit as no one would believe us. We then were taken to another room that looked completely out of place… We went from a scruffy rundown building and through a door into an examination room. We were then instructed to change into appropriate clothing, finding ourselves dressed as if we were about to conduct an operation.

We were first shown a small 12 inch body which, in my opinion, had a strong sign of being manufactured and had the head of a fish. Maybe we were being tested? What followed this was an examination of several larger bodies that were rather profound: large elongated heads, large eye sockets and thin bodies with three fingers and toes that clearly consisted of bones. Several skulls were also examined along with three very large hands, almost three times the length of a human’s, which consisted of only three long fingers with up to 6 flanges or cartilage bones in each finger. A couple of them had some type of round metal plates on them, you could clearly make out the bronze/copper coloring of them. As to what I was looking at, I had no idea. X-rays clearly showed that their hands had bones and muscle in them. I was rather perplexed. This was something I had not seen before in my 34 years as a researcher.

The highlight of the evening was when we were shown Maria – clearly something from a different ballpark. We were clearly dealing with a body here, posed in a fetal position, probably around 5 foot 6 in height if in an upright position. She seemed to have enlarged eye sockets, no ears, and only three very long fingers and toes. On close examination her toes had dermal ridging on them, just like fingerprints on our fingers. However these did not seem to represent the usual swirl pattern often found, but more like straight lines. The white covering that had initially be thought to be plaster by so many on the internet was diatomite, However it would seem to have been purposely applied to the bodies. This would serve as some form of preservative holding back bacteria and keeping certain insects at bay. To be honest, this could also serve as a compound that could hide a multitude of sins. We also noticed some of the bodies had an unusual covering of skin, that looked almost reptilian in nature.

After examining the scans, x-rays and notes by doctors that had looked over Maria, it was obvious that a conclusion could not be reached without thorough DNA testing.

The Mysterious Bodies of Peru

On July 11th, investigative journalist Jamie Maussan and his team were to make the first public announcement in the capital city of Peru… Lima. However, the night before the Peruvian government had done their own press announcement claiming the bodies were fake. Their opinions were apparently backed up by more than 3000 doctors across the country, doctors that had made their conclusion without ever witnessing the bodies, examining them or even carrying out any tests.

Though we were representing the Inkari Institute in regards the filming of this event, we were not allowed to see the room, nor plan our filming logistics. We were even told no filming would be allowed at this event. Keeping in mind this was an international press announcement and that reporters and press from all over the world were now flooding into the building, surely filming is going to have to take place? Of course, we found away around this and managed to interview Jamie Maussan and the doctors to find out their latest information. But… when it came to the press announcement, we were surprised to find that they were “still” waiting on DNA results.

While in Lima we took the opportunity to talk with a lady who worked for the Ministry of Tourism and who had been commissioned to look into the dark world of the black market. We were informed that this was clearly a huge problem the government could not handle and that they had concerns regarding the mass amount of artifacts secretly taken out of the country. This is understandable, especially when you hear that Maria has a price tag of one million dollars, and the smaller, two-foot bodies, one hundred thousand dollars each. In fact, we had been informed, some items had already been sold for as little as $8000 to private collectors around the world.

Taking ever closer steps toward a conclusion, we had managed to gain samples for ourselves and to have them tested by numerous well known universities. Slowly but surely we are gathering an immense amount of evidence that will support one of two things: that we are being deceived by clever individuals with a minor amount of skill in constructing bodies or even the horrible thought of altering authentic bodies, or… we are about to disclose information that could suggest that we have been visited by beings much different from ourselves. Whatever our results provide, a much larger mystery remains no matter the outcome…

We have decided to disclose our full investigation as it happened, providing vital information for free to the world in hope of providing unquestionable conclusions.

Stephen Mera

Stephen MeraStephen first became interested in the subject of UFOs and the paranormal at an early age and after leaving secondary school he studied at both South and North Trafford Colleges along with GEC Electrical for over 10 years and obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering.

During this time he began conducting research that he carried out on his own, until opening Cheshire UFO Group. In the early 90’s Stephen worked in Essex for NATO as a Telecommunications Officer, after which Stephen took over the running of MAPIT: (Manchester Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team) formerly run by David Reese. Stephen also joined BUFORA; (British UFO Research Association) and became a regional Investigative coordinator and tutor.

During the mid 90’s Stephen started writing the BITC; (British Investigators Training Course) in Anomalous Phenomena which today is the most recognized subject-related course of its kind internationally. He has conducted many science lectures at schools, colleges and universities around the UK. During the latter part of 1996 Stephen reformed MAPIT and also assisted in the launch of MARA; (Merseyside Anomalies Research Association). Stephen assisted with the launch of NUFORA; (The National UFO Research Association) and numerous other organizations.

He was also a member and investigator with NARO; (Northern Anomalies Research Organisation) ran by authors Peter Hough & Jenny Randles. In 1998 Stephen completed the BSY Parapsychology Course and in later years sat a Forensic Parapsychology Course followed by the Paranormal Investigation Course with the Unifaculty of London Institute of Forensic Parapsychology.

Mera has assisted, presented, or hosted of over 100 TV shows and is a regular featured guest on international radio. Stephen is an international lecturer and freelance journalist for a number of magazines and newspapers and has had several publications of his own including the A-Z of the Paranormal, Strange Happenings, Paranormal Reality, The Rochdale Poltergeist, and House of Fire and Whispers – (with co-author Jenny Ashford).

In 1999 Stephen constructed and launched SEP: (The Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology) situated in Manchester UK. He is also the director/owner of Phenomena Magazine, the world most recognized eZine of its kind. He continues to run the long standing organization MAPIT and is the head tutor of the British Investigators Training Course. Stephen went on to complete his Psychology Degree at Manchester University in 2003.

He holds many honorable membership positions with organisations and establishments internationally and was the official spokesman for the Hammer movie The Quiet Ones. He is also the official spokesman for the Fox TV series Outcast, and Onwinges Productions’ Travis movie. He is the official spokesman and UK Ambassador of ‘The Other Land of the Gods, executive producer of the ‘Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night,’ Honorary Advisor and Partner of Zohar Entertainment Group and host of Phenomena Project.

Barry Fitzgerald

Barry FitzgeraldIrish born Barry Fitzgerald has nearly 30 years experience within the world of the supernatural. Appearing on all 56 episodes of Ghost Hunters International, he headed the team and explored a plethora of paranormal and supernatural phenomenon around the globe. He was recognized for his work in the paranormal world and received the award of Paranormal TV Personality of the Year 2016 from PSW, based in the Netherlands.

His natural progression led to the writing and publishing of books such as ‘The Complete Approach,‘ The Influence, My Home Is Haunted Now What?, In The Mist Of Gods, Banshee, Searching The Sídhe, and ‘Legend Seekers. An exciting new trilogy of fiction began in 2015 which include the novellas The Council Of Three, The Malice of Darkness, and Fracture released in March 2017. Being an avid photographer he opened a gallery exhibition displaying some of his collection in Lviv, Ukraine in 2011. The collection displayed the beauty of night unseen by the naked eye and highlighted the nature of the supernatural world.

Barry’s new line of research has taken him out of his comfort zone and into areas of Irish myth, legend and folklore leading him into the shadowy depths of the underworld not only in Ireland but around the globe uncovering shocking similarities between cultural stories. Discovering a line of knowledge hidden within Neolithic tombs has exposed a global network of doorways which could expose the true gods behind the veil.


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