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DRACULA from Hunger & Thirst Theatre in NYC Campy adaptation just right for Halloween

Whether this new stage adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula will be your cup of blood – er, tea – might depend on your willingness to accept a large dose of camp mingled with straight storytelling. Devised by playwright Patricia Lynn and director Geordie Broadwater, this hybrid or mutant entertainment is told in old-style cinematic fashion, but updated story-wise to the present day, while hewing largely to the plot of the original novel. I found its curiosities just right for the Halloween season.

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Amy Bruni and Adam Berry Preview TLC’s KINDRED SPIRITS on After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio Paranormal stars help families in ghostly need

On a superstar edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we welcome Ghost Hunters alumni Amy Bruni and Adam Berry to preview their new paranormal investigation show Kindred Spirits, premiering tomorrow night, October 21 on TLC at 10/9c. Amy and Adam join us in the 10pE hour. In the 9pE hour Joel and Eric will present the week’s top paranormal news and chat entertainingly about matters of interest and import.

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Tim Wood, Darren Evans Talk Upcoming Live Stream of Zozo House Paranormal Investigation 72 hours live beginning October 21, 2016

“This isn’t the Sallie House. This isn’t the Welles house. This is the Zozo house, and we are investigating it for the first time,” said Tim Wood, founder and lead investigator of LiveSciFi, the largest paranormal site on YouTube, in a serious voice. He was talking about the paranormal investigation that will begin on October 21 and run for 72 continuous hours – all of which will be live streamed. For the first time, the world can watch an investigation specific to a known demonic entity as it happens – no special effects, no cutting or editing, no creepy background music. Just a team of people, a haunted location – and a demon.

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Halloween Symbols – Orange and Black The colors meet at the intersection of life and death

The Halloween colors of orange and black are so prevalent throughout the season that we may not even realize they are symbols. And yet not only are orange and black symbolically powerful individually, but they also form a yin/yang duality representing the connection between life and death. They are also a reminder that Halloween has always served a dual purpose as harvest festival and festival of the dead.

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THE 8TH ANNUAL H.P. LOVECRAFT FESTIVAL by Radiotheatre "Greatest horror writer's" tales come to life

Radiotheatre puts on fascinating staged “radio” dramas on all sorts of spooky subjects. While simply standing on stage and reading or reciting their parts, the actors spoof the exaggerated delivery of old-time radio voice talent. Over-the-top music and sound effects (by Wes Shippee), creepy lighting, and very basic stage effects like fog enhance the storytelling. That’s it, and so to The 8th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Festival.

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Talking ASH VS EVIL DEAD with Stars Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, Ted Raimi on After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio Starz has a smash on its hands with continuation of the EVIL DEAD saga

On a rollicking edition of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio — Thursdays 9-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen — we welcome three of the stars of Ash vs Evil Dead, the bloody hilarious continuation of the Evil Dead series, now in its second season on Starz. Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, and Ted Raimi join us in the 10pE hour to talk all things Ash-y. In the 9pE hour, Joel and Eric wade through the week’s paranormal news and banter amiably.

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John Lennon, Rosemary’s Baby, and the Ghosts of the Dakota It's Spook City on the corner of Central Park West and 72nd Street in NYC

The Dakota building, located at the corner of Central Park West and 72nd Street in New York, is probably better known to horror aficionados by another name. It stood in for “The Bramford” in Roman Polanski’s 1968 film Rosemary’s Baby. While the real Dakota may not be quite as sinister as its cinematic counterpart, there is plenty of haunted history in its halls, sure to keep fans of the paranormal awake at night.

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SUPERNATURAL: THE COMPLETE ELEVENTH SEASON on Blu-ray/DVD Catch up just in time for Season 12 premiere

The 23-episode season begins with the introduction of The Darkness/Amara (Emily Swallow). While that storyline never quite works for me, there are several standout episodes. “Baby” (11×4) is shot from the point-of-view of the Impala, “the most important object in the universe” (5×22). “The Vessel” (11×14) highlights Misha Collins’s turn as Lucifer when Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) discover that Castiel has been possessed. “Safe House” (11×16) flashbacks in time to share a case from the files of Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) as the Winchesters hunt the same monster. “Hell’s Angel” (11×18) gives us Dean trying to save Castiel from Lucifer.

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Ed Gein – One of the Oddest, Most Notorious Killers in American History Is he also the most misunderstood?

What would you say if I told you that Ed Gein, the man who inspired the characters of Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs), Norman Bates (Psycho) and Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) wasn’t a serial killer at all? Chances are you’d say I was crazy and just defending a fellow Wisconsinite. But the FBI defines the term “serial killer” in the following way: A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, usually in service of abnormal psychological gratification, with the murders taking place over more than a month and including a significant break (a “cooling off period”) between them.

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