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Thanksgiving Horrors Real and imagined

Thanksgiving is a modest holiday, a family-oriented time of reflection upon those things for which we are thankful. It’s a quiet, tryptophan-laden pause between the spooky revelry of Halloween and the one-two punch of religion and consumerism that is Christmas. But between family strife, the pressures of elaborate meal preparation, travel woes, and impending Black Friday, Thanksgiving can also be a time fraught with peril!

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The Walking Dead Finally Reveals Glenn’s Fate Will audience ordeal come back to bite the show?

This we had already seen at the end of episode three: Glenn and Nicholas are cornered with their backs to a fence on top of a dumpster with a swarm of walkers clambering for them. Stupid, doomed Nicholas says “Thank you,” shoots himself, falls into Glenn, they both tumble into the morass of walkers.

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Tara Subkoff’s #Horror Dazzles with Style, Concept, Performances, Suspense Gets a little muddy on the story end

Actress, fashion designer, artist, activist, and now first-time feature filmmaker Tara Subkoff’s #Horror dazzles with bravura visual panache; important ideas on selfie culture, gadget addiction, and bullying; riveting performances by Chloe Sevigny, Timothy Hutton, and a gaggle of 12 year-old girls; and compelling suspense. But it ultimately loses sight of its storyline – or at least I did. Nonetheless, this is an impressively confident and accomplished debut and I’m dying to see what Subkoff comes up with next.

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Filmmaker Tara Subkoff Talks #Horror on After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio Multi-talented auteur releasing first feature film

After Hours Am/America’s Most Haunted radio with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen is proud to welcome filmmaker, actress, designer, artist, activist Tara Subkoff tonight at 9pE/8C. Subkoff has written and directed her debut feature film #Horror, which premiered last week at the New York City Horror Film Festival, and will be screening theatrically and through video on demand on November 20 via IFC Midnight.

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Lavinia Fisher and the Old Charleston Jail You'd be a vengeful spirit too if virtually everything said about you were untrue

Most people who are interested in hunting ghosts have heard of Lavinia Fisher, her alleged criminal exploits as an innkeeper near the city of Charleston, SC, her tumultuous execution, and her haunting of the Old Charleston Jail. But in case you haven’t, we will present the legend as it is typically told on true crime blogs, ghost hunting shows, and ghost tours. Then we’ll try to set the record straight.

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Ohio State Reformatory Is America’s Most Haunted Terrifying history, haunted present

From its idealistic conception to its ignominious demise and beyond, the Ohio State Reformatory (OSR) at Mansfield has always been an iconic structure. Although it once represented a brighter path for thousands of wayward young men who passed through its corridors of stone and steel, despair and violence play an equal role in its legacy. The cold stares of prisoners long removed from their cages seem to follow visitors as they walk the stark, desolate cell blocks. Decades after their sentences were complete, a number of inmates linger on in the form of Mansfield’s many ghosts.

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Who Killed Pearl Bryan and Where Is Her Head? The real story of Bobby Mackey's most famous ghost

The last decade of the 1800s was a murderous one. Bloody Victorian crimes made sensational headlines and pumped up the coffers of newspaper owners. In 1896, coming on the heels of the Lizzy Borden family murders and the mind-boggling H.H. Holmes killing spree, another brutal and appalling murder case gripped the nation, elements of which included unrequited love, chemistry, criminal conspiracy, feticide, ghoulish mobs collecting and selling “murderabilia,” a fetus in a peppermint stick jar, and an elaborate manhunt for a head. Just about every newspaper in the nation reveled in the tragic saga of Pearl Bryan.

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The Bell Witch: An All-American Haunting In 1804, John Bell settled down for a quiet life in the country...until a sinister presence invaded his home and wreaked havoc on his family

The Bell Witch legend of Adams, Tennessee is one of America’s most haunting ghost stories. Well-known horror films like The Blair Witch Project, The Bell Witch Haunting, and An American Haunting are all based on her story—and the family she haunted. As the events took place nearly 200 years ago, every account tells the tale a bit differently. What is known, though, is that in 1804, John Bell and his wife bought over 300 acres of land in northern Tennessee, settling down to what they thought would be an idyllic farming life. This region eventually grew into the town of Adams. Yet at the time of the Bell family’s arrival, it was a remote rural area in the northwest corner of Robertson County, due north of Nashville.

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Supernatural “Our Little World” – Parenting Is Hard Even for the King of Hell

Parenting is hard, even for the King of Hell, in the real world and on The CW’s Supernatural. Crowley, out of boredom, curiosity, and some sense of self-interest, has taken on foster care of Amara, the powerful and fast-growing embodiment of the Darkness, whom we now know is also the sister of God! After being released into the world by the Winchester brothers at the end of last season, the Darkness holed up in the body of infant Amara, who has now grown very quickly into a difficult teen by ravenously consuming souls — demon and human — at a dizzying pace.

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